Saturday, September 25, 2004

Letter to the editor of Reuters

Fri, September 24, 2004

Dear Mr. Glocer,

I read Atef Sa'ad's reportage of the recent terrorist bombing in Israel in utter disbelief. Mr. Sa'ad spared no opportunity to point out charming details in uncritically sympathetic portrayal of the murderess and her family. Somehow, though, Mr. Sa'ad could find no room at all in his column to talk about those murdered and maimed in the attack, or their families.

Regardless of Mr. Sa'ad's personal sympathies, Rueters has shown shockingly bad judgment in allowing this article to go to print as it did. The rank inversion of victim and terrorist seems to know no bounds in your lexicon, which refuses even to includes the word "terrorist". There is only so much that can be blamed on the "occupation". You may recall that Israel captured French Hill form the Jordanian's, not the Palestinians, in 1967, when Egypt was screeching about pushing the Jews into the Sea.. Jordan was beseeched by Israel not to enter the war. Jordan refused and along with the other Arab armies, sought Israel's destruction.

This mentality has not changed. This middle class teenager, headed for university and living in a two storey home replete with furniture, clothes and appliances walked into a residential neighborhood intent on murdering and maiming as many people as possible. Raised on a diet of unadulterated hate and co-opted to murder civilians by Mr. Arafat's minions. This girl apparently didn't care a fig for her own family, either, not even have the decency to say or write 'goodbye' to anyone. But Mr, Sa'ad would prefer to paint Israel as the aggressor and deny all humanity to the victims of a terrorist campaign that specifically targets civilians.

Enough already.


Elihu D. Stone
Sharon, MA

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Letter to editor of AP: a plan to reduce child casualties...

Dear Sir/madam,

This AP photo below appeared in various papers today (9/9/04)? Can explain why the 'militant', whom your photographer photographed wiring explosives in Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp during an IDF operation, is surrounded by children smiling for the camera? Except for the mask camouflaging the face of the 'militant' and the caption indicating the actual circumstances under which the photograph was taken, it might have been captioned "having a fun time; wish you were here". When militants -and perhaps photographers- shoo children away from such activities, rather than exploiting their innocent curiosity, there will definitely be fewer civilian casualties. Less engaging pictures, but fewer dead children. Sound like a plan?

A Palestinian militant on Thursday wiring an explosive device in
Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp during an IDF operation. (AP)

Elihu D. Stone
Sharon, MA

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Communique: 7 September 2004 [View this article online]


Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

The horror of terrorism again shook the world this week, as the Beslan slaughter of innocents revealed another nation under siege by a cold-blooded killers. Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately linked the Beslan attack to 'the worldwide network of terrorism' and demanded a more determined response to the threat: 'We showed weakness, and the weak are beaten.'
Hamas rallyHow must the free world now exhibit strength? Though news reports generally fail to convey just how, political and intelligence leaders acknowledge that a key requirement is uprooting that worldwide terror network ― which uses the nation of Syria as a central hub of activity.

Syria, since 1979 a perpetual member of the U.S. State Department's list of nations sponsoring terrorism, continues 'to provide political and material support' to Hamas and 'to permit Iran to use Damascus as a trans-shipment point for resupplying Hizballah in Lebanon.'

Earlier this year, a leading Syrian dissident and the former head of the coalition's hunt for Iraq's WMDs claimed that part of Saddam Hussein's chemical and biological weapons were hidden in Syria. Additionally, a number of Iraqi officials ― including members of Saddam's family ― were granted refuge in Damascus after the collapse of the Iraqi dictator's regime, and many of the foreign fighters responsible for attacks against coalition troops are believed to have entered Iraq through Syria.

In a comprehensive report on Syrian support of Hamas in Israel, Gary Gambill, editor of the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin, summarized:

Since the mid-1990's Damascus has been the operational headquarters of the Hamas military wing and a nexus for the transfer of external funds to Hamas operatives in the territories. Syria and Syrian-occupied Lebanon have become major conduits for funneling weapons and explosives to Hamas and safe havens for training hundreds of its operatives... most of the deadly Hamas suicide attacks [of 2001-2] have been linked to Damascus.

And the Syria-Hamas link remains in place. In the aftermath of last week's double suicide bombing in Be'er Sheva, Israeli Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Yaalon pointed his finger at the Hamas leadership in Damascus, which most likely directed the attack: 'Anyone responsible for terror against us shouldn't sleep soundly at night.' ANTI-ISRAEL CAMPAIGNSyria has long made opposition to Israel and the democratic West a top priority. When the U.N. Security Council overwhelmingly voted in favor of a December 2002 resolution condemning the al Qaeda-led hotel bombing in Kenya and the attempted missile attack on an Arkia Israeli Airlines flight, Syria voted against the resolution. Why? The Syrians 'could not accept the repeated mention of Israel in the text.'Syria has waged three wars against Israel, invaded Israel's borders, supported Hizballah terrorists in southern Lebanon for nearly three decades, and ― as documented by Gambill, Eyal Zisser, Amos Gilad and others ― actively enabled ongoing terror against Israeli civilians via Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Hamas's top political leader, Khaled Mashaal, lives in Damascus under the protection of the Syrian regime.

The Syrians have a stockpile of ballistic missiles about ten times that of the Iraqi arsenal under Saddam Hussein, and have proximity and geography on their side. Former Israeli defense minister Moshe Arens concluded in 2002 that in the immediate future, 'the [missile] threat that Israel most likely will have to contend with' is that of Syria.OCCUPIED LEBANONBut Syria ― a totalitarian, Stalinist regime since 1963 ― is not just a neighborhood bully toward Israel. The Syrians have maintained over 17,000 troops within Lebanon since 1976, when Syria shuffled its military across the border to help quell a year-old Lebanese civil war (which continued for another 15 years). Since then, Syria has dominated Lebanon's politics and controlled that nation's official structures, all the while claiming its presence was necessary to ward off 'radical action emanating from Israel.'But this rationale is clearly absurd. In 2000, Israel withdrew its forces from southern Lebanon, in fulfillment of its obligations under U.N. Resolution 520 to respect 'the sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence of Lebanon under the sole and exclusive authority of the Government of Lebanon through the Lebanese Army throughout Lebanon.' Unshaken in its resolve to control Lebanon, Syria has remained the power broker there. Just last week, Syria won a political victory as Lebanon's puppet parliament put off real elections, and instead pushed through a constitutional amendment that extends the expiring presidential tenure of Syrian lackey Emile Lahoud by a full three years. As Boston Globe editors wrote, 'Syrian bosses made a mockery of Lebanese independence.'Finally, the United Nations has said 'enough.'By a vote of 9-0 with six abstentions, the U.N. Security Council moved on Thursday (Sept. 2) to block Lahoud's false appointment, and once again called for 'free and fair presidential elections' to restore Lebanese sovereignty. The precursor to this determined expression of international discontent was the United States' own 'Syria Accountability Act,' passed in May of last year, which placed sanctions on the Syrian regime for failing to fulfill its obligation to cease occupying Lebanon.

Bashar AssadBut Syrian leader Bashar Assad's cronies in the Lebanese Parliament ignored the U.N. motion on Friday (Sept.3), and as The New York Times reported, 'rubber-stamped Syria's order to keep its handpicked president in office.'

The implications of this matter reach far beyond Lebanon's shores. The Jerusalem Post commented that the U.N.―Syria conflict is 'a microcosm of the broader issue':

With Western resolve, Lebanon can be turned into a test case for the introduction of new rules of the game in a region contaminated by the kind of terror activity that Syria habitually condones, encourages, and harbors.

In the wake of this week's Russian school massacre, the Russian foreign minister visited Israel and expressed his solidarity with those fighting against the terrorist bands and nations that support them:

Terrorism has no nationality ― it is an international evil. We will do everything in our power to strengthen the global coalition against terror, in which Israel and Russia are very active.
Given recent developments, HonestReporting encourages subscribers to promote greater awareness of the Syrian menace ― using the key points above ― to urge your news outlets, community and elected leaders to keep the pressure on Syria, lest more terror strike the Mideast and the world.


Monday, September 06, 2004

Give Them the Death They Revere

by Arlene Peck
September 06, 2004

The Arabs are bombing, murdering, mutilating, raping and wreaking havoc all over the Judeo/Christian world. Israel has nothing to do with it - nothing!

The front pages of the Los Angeles Times have been completely filled with the latest catastrophic actions of savage, barbaric Arabs who tortured and slaughtered hundreds of school children and their mothers during the past few days in the horrific school bombings in Russia.

Children! Babies who were forced to drink their own urine, because they were tortured and denied water and food for over two days in 95 degree heat . One six-year-old child was reported to have been killed by having a bayonet thrust through his little body when he had the audacity to ask for water from these "brave men" who were holding them hostage. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, over twenty of these small children were shot in the back by snipers on the roof-tops as they were trying to run to the safety of their mothers' arms.

The Muslims are experts in killing babies. I remember the massacre of the school in Maalot in 1974. More so, while covering the war in June of 1982 in Lebanon, I saw what cowards these vermin were. They excel in bombings and terror attacks on subways, planes and schools. But when they are in a real combat situation and have to fight, then they disappear or run with their hands in the air, waving white flags before the first shot is fired.

They have also taken two French journalists as hostages, in order to influence French domestic laws. This is especially interesting, since Mr. Jacques Chirac and France, since 1967, have gone out of their way to alienate their Western allies and openly side with the Arabs in the name of a special relationship and understanding of the Arab world.

The kidnappers want to pressure the French to change their laws banning the headscarf in public schools. Otherwise, they are going to use the journalists to make a political statement. Folks, this is only the beginning. Within five years, the required fashion in Paris will be burqas.

Page two in the Times one day last week continued with a story of how a female "suicide" bomber wearing an explosive device stuffed with metal bolts killed at least nine people in a Moscow subway station and injured about a hundred more. This, in addition to the two airplanes that the Muslim fundamentalists blew up a few days earlier, also in Russia. About a hundred innocent people were killed in those two attacks alone. I can't even look at the television and see the nightly death toll of our soldiers in Iraq. We are paying a great price with our soldiers' blood to bring freedom and democracy to this modern day Babylon.

The reality is that if we don't root out terrorism in all it's manifestations, wherever it is, the nightmare that right now we are just watching on the evening news will eventually reach our shores, as well as the other free nations around the world.

Somewhere buried in the LA Times was a story about how these same subhuman savage "militants", this time those who had killed twelve Nepalese workers, wanted more - more concessions and more blood! Later in the day, I received a graphic video of them beheading these poor civilians. We are dealing with a mentality that only understands force.

The Russians aren't known for being very politically correct. If I were living through the horror they've gone through these past few days, I'd pressure my government into sending a "laser-guided missile" into every one of those mosques where they plan, train and finance these attacks with a note attached reading, "Never again!"

In fact, now would be a perfect time to drop leaflets on the mosques that serve as planning and training centers for the terrorists that from now on, the next thing dropped on them are missiles dipped in pig's blood. No more 'restrained action' - as Israel is regularly advised by our government, the EU and UN. When the next terrorists action happens, just do it!

Somebody has to do something.

The effort against fundamentalist Islam must be worldwide. Whether it's Afghanistan, Russia, the Philippines, the United States or Israel, it is the freedom of every individual that is at stake here. When are we going to wake up?

Even now, our lives are being disrupted on a daily basis. This week, the Los Angeles airport was shut down because of a 'terrorist' threat. As I vented my anger to my kid, she said, "Mom, how do you know it's Arabs who are behind this?"

Yeah right, it's probably a gang from Norway or Finland. Of course it's the Muslims. Name me one other group that is bent on destroying our lives as we know them?

I haven't even begun to get around to the holocaust caused by these same Muslim fundamentalists, who are rampaging, raping and killing hundreds of thousands of Sudanese Christians and black Africans because they refuse to bow to their god, Allah.

It doesn't matter where they are. It all boils down to the fact that the Judeo/Christian, free world is at war with an evil, vicious, seventh-century barbaric Islamic culture. These people kill indiscriminately. The Islamist Muslims don't care who they target. Children, old people, people riding on buses, teenagers going to discotheques, eating in pizza parlors - all are fair game. Even other Muslims.

I think that the world is finally realizing that it's not just Israel who is the target. It's anyone who isn't them, who isn't a fundamentalist Muslim.

Interestingly enough, while watching the slaughter in the Russian school unfold on the news stations, I was speaking on the phone with a technician about a computer glitch that I had. We had been speaking for a couple of days and he sounded like a very nice man. He was a Muslim man from Iran who had left that country thirty year ago. He told me how badly he felt about the ongoing horrors being played out on the television as we spoke. Yet, when I asked him what he did personally to speak out about the actions that he apparently found so disturbing by those in his culture, he was silent.

I asked what was being said about the attacks by those in his mosque. He was quiet and then said, "What can I do, as one person?: You have a newspaper column. You have a voice."

That, folks, seems to be the attitude of them all.

Ironically, most people here that I've spoken with don't even comprehend that this is a long-term problem that has been foisted upon us by 1.3 billion people. My daughter said, "Mom, my friend, Selena is an Arab and isn't like that."

Well, that's quite possible. Maybe there are millions of them that are like her friend Selena. Yet, where is the outcry from the Muslim community? The newspapers and television are filled with the outrages caused by her culture. Show me one mosque or protest by those peaceful Muslims. One.

Yet, these barbarians are quick to dance in the streets and pass out candy to all their children at the joy of seeing the carnage in Israel or any other part of the civilized, Western world. I fully expect to turn on the television and see them dancing on the rooftops in Iraq, Iran and Gaza, celebrating the dead babies in Russia.

The only way we are going to defeat this element is with truth. The first step is to cut the political correctness over this issue. Enough is enough. Secondly, we need to help Israel complete the security barrier as soon as possible, despite the United Nations' objection. Finally, we need to implement the same policy regarding "rooting out terrorism in all its forms, wherever it is," whether it's Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, the Sudan, Iran, Syria or Israel. We should not be applying a double standard when it comes to eliminating this evil around the world.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Letter to the editor of the International Herald Tribune

Dear Sir/madam:

Jonathan Cook's article "Nonviolent protest offers little hope for Palestinians" reflects a naiveté, an arrogance and ignorance of history that, combined in one journalist, are truly breathtaking. Mr. Cook appeals to the Israeli raids on militants during the recent "lull" in suicide bombings as evidence that Israeli tactics do not take into account "peaceful" protest. Garbage. The recent "lull" in suicide bombings was hardly the result of a strategic or tactical shift, demanding a strategic response; the Israelis just got better at stopping the bombers; the raids helped a lot. Also, the Israelis started to build a wall. Of course, Mr. Cook cannot admit that the completed portions of the wall have actually saved scores of Palestinian and Israeli lives. Instead, Mr. Cook complains, that "once the wall is completed, most avenues for peaceful resistance to the occupation will be blocked for good." That is highly doubtful. What is certain is that most avenues for the bombers will be blocked by the wall.

But here's the maddening part of Mr. Cook's diatribe: In the same breath with which Mr Cook calls bus bombings, "immoral" he excuses them as necessary because the Palestinian's do not currently enjoy the unthinking, unequivocal "steadfast support of leftist Israelis". It is a simple fact that the majority of Israelis, not just the Left, supported the notion of Palestinian statehood, when a genuine peace seemed achievable. However, all trust was shattered when the Palestinians resumed blowing up Israeli commuter busses whenever they had the opportunity. Mr. Cook seems to have handily forgotten that the current wave of the Intifada came on the heels of an unprecedented peace offer by the Israelis. No other nation in history has offered to share sovereignty over its historical capital for the sake of peace. It was precisely due to the shocking and violent betrayal of the Israeli Left by the Palestinians that Mr. Sharon was elected by a landslide. Despite the fact that the Arabs and Palestinians have violently rejected every single option that did not conform to their most maximal demands, Mr. Cook turns history on its head and claims "it is the Israelis, not the Palestinians, who are the missing peace partners". What idiotic claptrap.

Elihu D. Stone
Sharon, MA